Thanks for visiting our site! Crystal Perfection sprang into existence more than 25 years ago, as the logical extension of many years' interest in the mineral hobby. Like most enthusiasts, I too am a collector who enjoys his field trips, rock swaps, club associations, shows and general education pertaining to my interest. In my pursuits, I was always looking for the right specimen or perfect crystals (hence the name Crystal Perfection!). Our goal is to obtain the highest quality specimens, at reasonable prices. Too often in my searches I've found great pieces, but the relative value is questionable at best. If I wouldn't pay the price to own the piece myself, you won't find it in our inventory!

 The business has grown substantially since it's inception. Our show list has varied over the years, and we typically participate in anywhere from 6 to 10 shows a year (for a list of the shows, please email us). We've noticed an increase in the number of specimens shipped out and special requests coming in. This led us to development of our website, and it's success in getting quality specimens in the hands of collectors.

 Again, welcome and please feel free to contact us with questions or special requests -

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